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Large, B/W folding map showing the triangulation work completed across a roughly 1200 mile territory spanning from Fayette (WV, upper right), to Cheyenne Wells (CO, lower left), passing through Cincinnati (OH), Louisville (KY), Saint Louis (MO), Topeka (KS), and many other locales. The map shows triangulation lines, but also towns, rivers, railroads, and details such as the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. 

The map is in fair condition: separations along several folds were repaired with archival tape, but there are small voids and separations. The map is crisp and attractive, and shows only slight discoloration along some folds, as is common with maps of this type. The map is stable, and could be folded, but should be handled with care, as the paper is brittle, and susceptible to tearing

Progress of the Triangulation from West Virginia to Colorado, 1888

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  • Progress of the Triangulation in parts of sections III, XIII, XIV, XV & XVI from West Virginia to Colorado along the 39° or Latitude June 30th 1888

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