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Three sheets.

Very attractive map of France, dated 1820, from the 1821 edition of Lavoisne's Historical Atlas. Political divisions individually hand colored, marks major battles and sieges, surrounded by geographical and statistical information. Also includes No. 41. Geneological, Historical, and Chronological Map of France, from the Ascension of Hugh Capet, 987, to the Assassination of Henry III, and the Proclamation of Henry IV, 1589 and No. 42. Geneological, Historical, and Chronological Map of France, under the house of Bourbon, from the Accession of Henry IV, 1589, to the Death of Louis XVI, and the Establishment of the Republic, 1793.

Lavoisne's Historical Atlas. A Complete Genealogical, Historical, Chronological, and Geographical Atlas; being a general guide to ancient and modern history: Exhibiting an accurate account of the origin, descent, and marriages the principal royal families, from the earliest authentic records; together with various possessions, wars, celebrated battles, and remarkable events, to the year 1821; according to the plan of Le Sage, greatly improved. The whole forming a complete system of history and geography. By M. Lavoisne. From the last London edition, improved by C. Gros, of the University of Paris, and J. Aspin, Professor of History, &c. Enlarged by the addition of several new maps of American history and geography Extended to the beginning of the year 182i. Third American Edition, carefully revised and corrected. Philadelphia: Published by M. Carey and Sons. May 22, 1821. Printed by T.H. Palmer, on the Ruthven Press, and on J. & T. Gilpin's Machine Paper.

No. 37. Geographical and Statistical Map of France, 1820

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  • No. 37. Geographical and Statistical Map of France. Map of France. Divided into Governments, indicating the places rendered celebrated by Battles or Sieges intended for the elucidation of Lavoisne's Historical Atlas, by C. Gros.

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