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Attractive, hand-colored county map of Nebraska, Kansas, Indian Territory, Reference Map of the United States Section No. 11. from the 1882 edition of Colton's Common School Geography.

This almost 140 year old map map came from an actual school book used in "common schools", as the secondary public education schools were known in the second half of the 19th Century. Amazingly, even though color printing had been around for a while, these were hand-colored, and Colton's have unusually bright coloring. Colton was a mapmaker, and his large format atlas maps today sell for hundreds of dollars. These are smaller scale examples of his work. Maps from Colton's schoolbooks are often browned, and it is normal for them to have some smudges, drawings, stains, pencil marks, and the like, but this one is unusually clean.

Nebraska, Kansas, Indian Territory, Section No. 11

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  • Nebraska, Kansas, Indian Territory, Colton's Common School Geography Reference Map of the United States Section No. 11.

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