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<p>Detailed photolithographed map depicting the forested areas of the Rocky Mountain region as they were 134 years ago, with green coloring showing the “forest lands”, and red lines marking “main irrigation canals”. The map shows topographical features, such as mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, etc., as well as political divisions, and the location of towns, Indian reservations (sometimes with treaty dates), and sometimes land claims across an area spanning from Canada at the top, across Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado (in 1885, this was the only state in the area represented), part of Arizona, and New Mexico territories, to the Mexican border at El Paso del Norte. Shows township and range grid; relief is shown by hachures. This unusual folded map is one of the earliest comprehensive representations of the Rocky Mountain West, and includes a wealth of other detail, such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Teton Range, the Colorado Front Range, the Black Hills, etc. Includes title page and 6 page Forestry Division report.</p>

Map of the Rocky Mountain region

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  • Map of the Rocky Mountain region: showing the approximate location and extent of forest areas and irrigation ditches in 1885, compiled from county returns by E. T. Ensign, Agent of the Department of  Agriculture.

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